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The R Factor Ministries


Restore Renew Revive... People Places & Purposes

Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

Freedom Reigns - Meet Ups

Meet Ups



TORONTO - Humber Bay - SUNDAYS @ 2pm

Gathering together to celebrate God's love and goodness.

88-90 Park Lawn Road. Meet ups in The Screening Room in condo complex.

Meet ups hosted by Donald & Carolyn Woods.

This is a residential setting, please ask for Don &/or Carolyn Woods @ 90 Park Lawn Road. Please text or call us anytime @ 416-709-7346 (Don) or 416-347-7346 (Carolyn)

Facebook Donald Woods @

Facebook Carolyn Woods @




PARIS - Ontario Area - SATURDAYS @ 7pm

Gathering together to celebrate God's love and goodness.

Meeting weekly in the Paris area.

Meet ups hosted by Don and Cindy Nicolson

Email or message Don Nicolson @ [email protected]

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