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The R Factor Ministries


Restore Renew Revive... People Places & Purposes

Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

Donald J. Woods - Testimony

Interview on

100 Huntley St.

May 22 2018.

Full testimony

September 2016

Donald was born again and baptized in February of 1978, but sadly not long after this, his choices would take him down a different path. He would spend over 20 years addicted to drugs and alcohol and 12 years in organized crime, which led him to spending 4 years in prison. Don's continuous downward spiral resulted in him losing everything but a few personal belongings and a bicycle on which he rode into Toronto on in 1995. It was as this point, reaching the end of himself and being sick and tired of being sick and tired that God miraculously showed up in a manifested glory cloud, in the basement of a rooming house in downtown Toronto and He (God), changed his life forever.  Since this time Donald has served as a pastor and lifestyle consultant for 20 years in three ministries and is currently the president and CSO of The R Factor Ministries based in Toronto.  See link to recent interview on 100 Huntley St. and his full testimony that he shared publicly that is on YouTube.

His mandate is to see people restored, renewed and revived, helping them fulfill their God given assignment and assist them in realizing the visions and dreams that God has put on their hearts. Hence The R Factors Ministries mandate "Our Vision... You Fulfilling Your Vision".

Donald can be reached at [email protected]